Depict extracurricular activities in your medical school personal statement

More than numbers

Students who are looking to enter graduate school are a very ambitious bunch; they are proud of their accomplishments, and it shows when filling out their applications to medical school. After one piles up a number of academic achievements, it is only in human nature to want to talk about them, especially to the medical schools that you want to get into. However, one thing must be remembered when going through the application process: you are more than your GPA or academic records could ever show. Medical schools know this, too, which is why they want to get some sort of idea what kind of person you are besides the numbers.

Show who you are with your medical school personal statement

The medical school personal statement is the spot on the application where get to do just this! The rest of the process involves writing down numbers that represent your achievements, but this is where you get to simply talk about what type of person you are. There are many things that make up who you are, and one part of your life is the extracurricular activities you take part in, and believe it or not, medical schools want to know about it! If you can successfully depict yourself as a well-rounded person who will make a great contribution to their academic institution, you significantly raise your chances of being admitted to the school! This is not as easy as simply listing your activities, though, as you must do it in humble way that shows you in a positive light.

Our experts know how it’s done

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