Early Decision Programs Personal Statement Writing

Below is a list of the top 5 best tips for writing the personal statement for an early decision program.

  1. Make every word count. The jury is taking time to consider you early, before anyone else, so make sure you are not wasting a second of their time. Make it worth their while. Read through your personal statement and edit out anything that seems irrelevant or is just a filler.
  2. Supplement your personal statement with a letter of intent explaining that you wish to be considered for the early decision program. This is required in order to be considered. Write you letter of intent and your personal statement in the same voice, but change your focus slightly. You want them to read as from the same writer, but you also do not want to bore your reader.
  3. Determine what the most appealing thing about you is to a board of reviewers and focus on that. With early decision programs, there is not time fr fooling around. Get right to the point and stick to all the way through.
  4. In and early decision program, it is critical that you keep your reader’s interest all the way through. A few good ways to do this are by using active rather than passive language, writing short and concise sentences and utilizing terminology that will impress the jury but not make you seem pretentious.
  5. Be very specific. The magic is in the details. Do not cover a large amount of broad topics, but rather very few, maybe only one, and go into intense detail. Specifically mention details about your goals and aspirations for the future.

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