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Our Best General Surgery Personal Statement Guidelines

The Importance of Your Personal Statement for Surgical Residency

Whether you are applying to medical school or for a residency place you will find that surgery places are highly oversubscribed. So if you want any chance of being selected then you will have to make sure that your application will truly make you stand out. The problem is that you will be facing highly qualified and extremely gifted applicants who will have similar qualifications to you. Your only method to differentiate yourself is therefore through your surgery personal statements. A well written preliminary surgery personal statement or general surgery personal statement provides you with an opportunity to not just show that you have what it takes to be a surgeon. It also offers you an opportunity to make your application memorable.

You have to be able to stand out if you are going to get any chance of being selected and your surgery residency personal statement is your opportunity to do so.

What Surgery Specialties Can You Apply To?

There are currently 14 surgery specialties that are recognized in the US by the American College of Surgeons. Whether you are looking at general surgery personal statement writing or for a great plastic surgery personal statement it will always have to be carefully tailored to the program that you are applying to. Our services can help you with applying across all of the different specialties such as:

  • General Surgery: As the name suggests a general surgeon is able to handle surgery on just about any part of the human body. This specialty requires usually 5 years of additional study after you have gained your initial medical degree.
  • Colon and Rectal Surgeon: this specialist will receive extensive training in diagnosis and treatment of problems within the anal tract, colon, rectum, and intestinal tract.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: these surgeons are trained to treat issues with the female reproductive organs as well as dealing with pregnancy and deliveries.
  • Pediatric Surgeons: these specialists deal with surgical procedures for children ranging from newborns through to teenagers.
  • Vascular Surgery: this is a highly demanded specialty due to the number of patients looking for treatment with their arteries and veins. From strokes to heart attacks this specialist will always be hard at work.

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Where to Apply to Study Your Surgical Specialty

Selecting the right medical field also means looking for the right school to study at. The following are some of the top medical schools that you might wish to study at:

  • John Hopkins School of Medicine: Often at the top of the rankings at all levels this university is able to offer you the opportunity to work with some of the most respected experts in various fields of surgery. One of the very first universities to actual combine teaching and patient care you will be able to access cutting edge technology and procedures that you may not see elsewhere.
  • Perelman School of Medicine: is located within the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, it is ranked 5th in the US News rankings and attracts over $742 million for sponsored research if that is your reason for applying.
  • UC San Diego School of Medicine: Located in the University of California La Jolla this university will offer you an opportunity to not only learn advanced surgical skills but also put them into practice.
  • Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: This university is happy to count itself amongst some of the top places to study surgery in the US. It provides itself in developing true leaders in the fields that it teaches.
  • David Geffen School of Medicine: if you fancy the busy life of studying with UCLA then this is place to head. This university seeks to constantly adapt to changes and advances in surgery to ensure the best patient care and education for you.
  • Harvard Medical School: accepting less surgery personal statements typeshan 4% of students you will have your work cut out with writing a personal statement for vascular surgery or any other specialty within this prestigious Ivy League School.
  • Stanford School of Medicine: in 2016 this Ivy League school admitted just 2.3% of the students that applied there. Do no, however,r let this put you off as gaining your experience and training here will guarantee your future.

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8 Secrets to Writing Effective Surgery Personal Statements

Getting noticed and making the right impression is vital if you are to be selected for any medical fellowship programs. The following general surgery personal statement guidelines and advice for writing your personal statement effectively should be followed:

  • Ensure that you understand and follow their requirements: do not fail to meet their expectations for length, formatting and other requirements. Also ensure that you fully answer any prompt that they provide for your statement.
  • Show why you want to study that specialty: have clear reasons for wanting to study that specialty and spell them out to show that your interest is serious.
  • Show what you have already done in this area of specialty: the fact that you have independently pursue your interests reinforces your reasons for studying and will boost your chances.
  • Give clear reasons why you want to study at this specific university: do not use vague statements, show that you have done your homework and give concrete reasons why you need to study with them.
  • Give a clear idea of your career path: showing where you are heading within your studies and career will help them to see that you are totally serious about what you are applying to.
  • Tailor your application carefully to the program: the better that your statement reflects their expectations the more chance you have of being accepted.
  • Use language that anyone can understand: do not try to be overly clever with your writing. You want them to be impressed with what you have to say, not rushing to their dictionary to decipher your statement.
  • Demonstrate what you have already achieved: don’t make unsubstantiated claims, illustrate your achievements with clear and concise examples.

What to Avoid in Your Personal Statement for Preliminary Year Surgery

Writing an enhanced recovery after surgery personal statement or any other should be done with great care. The committee will be looking to reduce the number of applicants as quickly as possible. So any issues with your statement will give them just the excuse that they need. The following are some of the things to avoid with your statement writing:

  • Write at an appropriate level: talking about your experiences as a six year old playing doctors and nurses if not going to win you a residency or fellowship place.
  • Don’t simply regurgitate your educational experience or other information from elsewhere in your application: ensure that your statement brings out new information about you.
  • Never use clichés within your writing: your writing must always be unique to you, so don’t plagiarize either.
  • Don’t be negative in any way: this is not a place to say why you are not doing something or to complain about past tutors or courses.
  • Don’t let any mistakes slip through: proofreading your work carefully can ensure that your first impression will be a good one.

Why Use Our Professional Services for Your Surgery Personal Statement?

Writing a personal statement can be a difficult process and one that is going to take a considerable amount of your precious time. This is why it is often best to use our specialists. We offer a full range of editing and writing help through experts that are themselves higher degree qualified and have experience in the field of surgery in which you are applying. They know precisely what the different programs will be expecting from you.

Our experts communicate directly with you to ensure that your personal statement will be perfectly tailored to the specific program that you are applying to. Your statement will be unique and perfectly written in native level English at all times. We will always deliver your statement to you on time and cover you with a full money back guarantee based on your total satisfaction.

Get in touch with our highly qualified experts today and don’t struggle with writing your surgery personal statements anymore!

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