How to Answer Vanderbilt University Essay Prompts

how to answer vanderbilt university essay prompts

As many other universities also do, applying to Vanderbilt demands the applicants to present some questions called the Vanderbilt University essay prompts. These prompts are made to promote a slightly harder application or a more interesting one for the applicant. This way, the university can learn more about the writing skills, imagination, creativity and just about what makes an applicant interesting.

The CASPA personal statement and Vanderbilt essay prompts are mainly made to know how capable is a professional degree applicant, to see if that person deserves the position as a college student. As a university with 10.7% of acceptance rate, Vandy applicants need to make sure their answers to these prompts are good enough – or else their applications will be rejected.

For this, it is necessary to learn everything possible about these answers and other requirements, so the application can look better and increase the opportunity of getting admitted. Follow this guide and you will for sure get a better application for your Vanderbilt admission in health sciences.

Requirements for Vanderbilt Medical School

Vanderbilt University essay prompts sampleThese requirements are obligatory for all applicants of the university, whether they are applying for medical school or any other program available. Any student who doesn’t comply with these requirements will immediately get rejected from the admission committee. The requirements are as follow:

  • SAT or ACT Writing Tests from Official Webpages
  • TOEFL, IELTS OR PTE English Proficiency Tests for International Students
  • Transcripts of all High-School and College Studies
  • Two letters of recommendations from Counselors
  • Answers to Vanderbilt essay prompts
  • Possible interview after application is reviewed

These Vanderbilt Medical School requirements need to be submitted from October to the 1st of November of every year. After this dates, every application will not be taken into account or just ignored. Applicants without one or two of these requirements will also get rejected immediately – unless they have a special opportunity due to any mishandling.

Vanderbilt University Essay Prompts

As you saw in the requirements, there are some things you need to do almost obligatory if you want to be part of this university, like the essay prompts. You will need to answer at least one of the following questions if you desire to become part of this university and get your application reviewed. Take a look:

Prompt #1: In 200-300 words, please tell us why you think your first-choice course is a good fit for you.

The easiest and most concise question you could receive on an essay prompt. It is very simple to answer and you won’t have to do a deep introspection to do it correctly. You just need to make sure to list the different reasons you chose Vanderbilt as the university to keep your higher studies and then explain WHY exactly you applied.

For this, we recommend not just stating the reasons for your application but actually stating the whole context of it. Make sure the university gets to know you, gets to at least learn something about you no one else knows. It is important to do some auto-evaluation so you can look better in the eyes of the admission committee.

Prompt #2: If you were to suddenly find out that one work of fiction was actually real, which would you want it to be and why?

Geek out here. Do not be afraid of letting your inside nerd go out and do not, either, let yourself be held out or afraid to publish your favourite novel here, no matter how silly it seems. The important thing here is to being able to portray a good situation and explaining why would you like it to occur. If you stick to a work of fiction, novel, movie, or just anything that seems like interesting to you, make sure you explain why exactly would you want it to occur and where would you be if it happened.

It is important to avoid any type of situation or work of fiction that may seem sexual, apocalyptic, suicidal or any other controversial theme. Just stick to being honest, realistic, and, of course, use common sense – you won’t like to be seen as a weird applicant who wants to kill everybody.

Need Help with Your Vanderbilt Essay Prompts?

As you already know, these Essay Prompts can be pretty easy to answer and do not present any type of challenge for most applicants. However, answering them correctly is not as easy as it seems. Actually, many students who get rejected do it because their essays tend to not be good enough.

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