How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical School

What’s the Best Medical School Personal Statement Length?

When figuring out how to write a personal statement for medical school, the very first consideration should be for the med school personal statement length. The length will determine how you structure and frame a personal statement, and personal statement medical school length is dependent on a requirement set by the school itself. So your medical school personal statement length may be as little as two pages and as long as five, but rarely more than that. After all, a personal statement is not supposed to be a treatise or some absurdly long document that bores the pants off of whomever reads it – it’s meant to concisely and meaningfully say something about you and your experience.

What are Some Medical School Personal Statement Tips?

There are many different medical school personal statement tips to keep in mind when you’re figuring out how to write a medical school personal statement. For example, be clear and do not use overly flowery language. You’re not an English graduate student, you’re a doctor. Show you know what you’re talking about. Other medical school personal statement tips include proofreading your statement, writing numerous drafts and having someone familiar with the field look over it in order to figure out whether or not you are on the right track and describing yourself and your goals in a meaningful and understandable way.

Do I Know How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical School?

Chances are, if you’re on this site then you don’t know how to write a good personal statement for medical school. Learning how to write a personal statement for med school is not as arduous a process as it may at first seem. Structure your statement well, make it clear and concise and, above all, show a little bit of something personal in it so the reader can get a well-rounded picture of who they’re thinking about admitting.