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Med school personal statement examples generally outline the purpose of your personal statement for medical school. That is, sample medical school personal statements show you how to make use of your opportunity to give a vivid description of your personality and characteristics and the reasons why you are qualified to pursue a career in the field of medicine. The best medical school personal statement sample shows you how to present yourself beyond the scores on standardized tests and your GPA. It allows you to promote yourself and obtain an interview.

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Sample medical school personal statement takes into account the fact that medical schools receive a host of applications from persons who display strong scores for their MCAT and GPA, but only a limited amount of persons are invited to be interviewed. The personal statement medical school sample will emphasize the significant role that the personal statement for medical school plays in getting you this interview that you yearn for. We write medical school personal statement samples that can significantly enhance your opportunities by showing you how to produce essays that are interesting and well-written.

Caring for others is something that I have always had a true passion for doing. I grew up as the daughter of international missionaries, and both of my parents are physicians. We have always travelled to underdeveloped areas and cared for the locals. Although it has always been my parents providing the medical care for the people of the community, I have had the privilege of helping them, caring for people in their homes, and teaching youth in single room schools.

My passion to pursue my career as a physician and work with rural and underprivileged communities has continued to grow. During medical school, I had an awesome opportunity to take several electives in rural medicine, as well as doing a couple of rural medicine rotations. I also spent the past year volunteering in the Peace Corps in their healthcare unit, and providing care to people in small communities in Haiti.

During medical school and the past year volunteering, my desire to increase my knowledge and hone my skills in the area of rural medicine has grown and flourished, which is why I am excited to complete your renowned rural medicine residency program. Upon completion of this program, I look forward to serving a two-year term with the Peace Corps. Following that term, I would like to follow in my parents footsteps and provide high quality medical care in missionary communities around the globe. My parents have been serving in a small rural town in Oklahoma for the past 4 years, and I would like to eventually take over their small practice in Oklahoma when they retire. Therefore, I look forward to continuing my education by completing your amazing rural medicine residency program.

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The topics that are generally highlighted on residency personal statement samples include the reasons you decide to pursue this particular career; the experiences that have served to motivate and/or reinforce your decision to continue on the path; show that you know what the field of medicine can offer that is not offered by other professions; what are the specific things that pull you this field. Medical personal statement examples also show you how to give details of the experiences that have allowed the development of your skills that are essential for success in the medical school of your choice.