Medical school personal statement for international application

Medical School Abroad

The medical field offers many opportunities to those who wish to serve the community in assuring that citizens are staying healthy. Because of the universal nature of medicine, one option is to travel to other parts of the world to obtain medical education, and then possibly continue working. Studying abroad is a fascinating experience that will broaden your horizons and give you a great perspective on the world, and this is an experience you will surely never forget. If you are looking to apply to international medical schools, focusing on the applications is a must if you wish to maximize your chances to get into one of the schools on your list. You want to make sure that you put forth the effort to ensure that you get into one of the schools that can shape your career.

Personal statement for medical school

On applications for medical school, the personal statement is the space where you can talk about yourself and prove that you should earn a spot in their program. While the rest of the application is facts, numbers, and statistics, this is the space for you to talk directly to the admissions department. A personal statement can compensate for low MCAT scores, and if written poorly, it can undermine a fantastic academic and medical career. Knowing exactly what to write for the personal statement is a skill that requires much practice and diligence, and many students are unaware of the tricks of the trade.

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