MedicalSchoolPersonalStatement.Net welcomes 4 new residency personal statement writers – a website that assists prospective students in gaining entrance to medical school, has recently added four additional professional personal statement writers to their team of skilled professionals.  These new writers all have extensive backgrounds in writing personal statements specifically for medical school, which was emphasized in doing the hiring for these available positions.

Among the more than 400 applicants, the owner of, Matt Nicholson, was on the lookout for those with this special skill set. He found exactly what he was looking for in these four stellar writers. Their track record for success in writing exceptional personal statements was notable, which was the reason for Matt’s enthusiasm and immediate hiring decision regarding all four applicants.

Denise Hamils is the first who was added to the team. She has been writing for a variety of sources for the past 14 years, and writing personal statements for the past three. Her own educational background, includes not only a degree in English, but also a double major in biochemistry. This combination of expertise has helped to give Denise an edge in her skill set in writing personal statements. When asked, she said, “I love the satisfaction I feel when I know I’ve helped someone achieve their dream of getting into medical school. Oftentimes, I find that they know exactly what they want to say, but get stuck when they have to put it on paper. I’m able to get them moving again, and they are always grateful for the help. I’m happy to do it.”

Derrick Walters is another writer who has joined the team. Matt was impressed with his credentials as well, and his track record of helping over 300 prospective students with the task of writing their personal statements. He boasts a 95% success rate. “Derrick’s work comes naturally to him. He’s got a way with words that moves people and gets results,” Matt said. Derrick has more than five years experience in writing personal statements.

Peggy Anderson joined the team last week as a medical school personal statement writer. With more than four years of experience writing personal statements, Peggy was in demand and actually had a choice of positions as a writer when she decided to join’s team. She has a background in Biology and had a minor in English. Her communication skills were always important to her, which was the reason for choosing English as her minor. This has helped gain Peggy the recognition for her work and the position with the site.

Finally, the last writer who was added to the team is Shelly Peterson, who has previously worked in the admissions department at a well-known medical school. She has the inside knowledge about exactly what admissions committees look for in applicants. This information has helped to create a successful career in personal statement writing. “I have used my special formula for success to create dozens of successful personal statements,” she said. finally has a full team of writers and is looking forward to helping more potential medical students and future physicians with the important task of writing their personal statements. These new writers are now available to the students who visit the site, looking for assistance. The site, is ready to take your order today!