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Surgery Personal Statement Writing

Professional Oral Surgery Personal Statement Writing Tips & Help

When it comes to writing a great oral surgery personal statement, you have really got your work cut out for you. Since it’s such a dynamic and ever-changing field, it takes time and effort to keep up with the latest developments. If you need some timely support and advice from experts who really know what they’re talking about, our professionals are ready and waiting to share their knowledge. Whether it’s oral or pediatric surgery personal statement content is never better than when you write with us.

Top 10 Places for Oral Surgery Fellowship Application

Before you write your oral surgery application essay, it’s really worth thinking about where you actually intend to study to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon (OMS). Take a look at some of the finest institutions in the entire country and then get started on your surgical residency personal statement.

oral surgery personal statementImportant Application Requirements to Consider

When you’re making your oral surgery fellowship application, you’ll quickly notice that there are all kinds of requirements that you have to fulfill. It’s a daunting prospect to complete these tasks and jump through all the bureaucratic hoops that are set out, but perhaps the most difficult of all is to compose your oral surgery application essay.

Whether you’re worried about oral surgery admission essay format or content, our experts will assist you every step of the way. First of all, though, consider these important application requirements below. They have been adapted from the publicly available University of Iowa oral surgery residency application information. However, this data is appropriate for UW oral surgery or Columbia oral surgery just as much as it is a University of Iowa oral surgery residency application.

  • There is an application form to fill out that is administered by the Postgraduate Application Support Services of the American Association of Dental Schools. This part is absolutely mandatory and forms the core of your application. It must be dealt with properly alongside more creative endeavor such as your oral surgery residency personal statement.
  • You should provide a cover letter in the form of a personal statement. Our experts can support you through the whole process of working on your oral surgery admission essay format and producing your final document for submission.
  • You will be asked to provide an official transcript from your undergraduate college, some of the content of which could inform your oral surgery residency personal statement. In some places, you need to include a photograph for identification purposes, but the decision makers are unlikely to be allowed to see it due to anti-discrimination regulations.
  • You must either have a numeric score on your dental boards part 1 or sit a specially developed basic science examination arranged by the National Board of Medical Examiners.
  • The final decision will always be made by means of an interview whether you choose Iowa dental schools, the UW oral surgery program or Columbia oral surgery education. Make sure your personal statement is an asset to have when it comes to thinking about the questions your interviewer will pose.

oral surgery personal statement tips

The Major Dos and Don’ts of Statement Writing

There are plenty of people who think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to writing personal statements, but you should only really trust those who’ve been there and done that. Our advisors have all been through this process themselves and have the following expert tips to share.

  • Define who you are as a person and why this makes you suitable for the position, but be careful about being creative just for the sake of it. You may end up tripping yourself up if you go too far outside the accepted boundaries or are somehow misunderstood.
  • Talk about a wide range of personal attributes that can be outlined in a positive light, but you have to be careful not to sound boastful or arrogant. Take stock of your achievements and discover the right way to respectfully but effectively persuade your reader to see how great you are as a candidate.
  • Display a clear commitment to your chosen field and try to link your previous professional achievements to your current goals and aspirations. It’s always wise to develop a coherent narrative with which to engage your reader.
  • Showing direction is crucial. You can do so by making it evident that you’ve thought long and hard about your next career move, finishing with the point that pediatrics is the best specialty for you.
  • Your personal statement is an excellent way to provide your prospective interviewer with topics and points to discuss with you. You can turn this into a positive thing by writing about events that genuinely enthused you and shaped you into who you are today.

Everything You Need in One Place

If you follow all of our oral surgery personal statement writing tips down to the very last letter and combine this with the support you’ve obtained from our expert academic editors, you will end up with a text that simply cannot fail to impress. There’s no need to doubt your ability to enter the finest institutions in the entire country when you’ve got the right people to help you cross the finish line. Take the next step in your medical career.

We cover all your oral surgery personal statement writing needs. Take advantage and move your career forwards.

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