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A Letter of Intent is a very unique and special essay that requires much preparation. Many confuse the Letter of Intent with the Personal Statement or the Statement of Purpose. However, it is actually very different from both of these. A Personal Statement focuses on the past, a statement of purpose mainly on the present and near future; but the Letter of Intent is driven entirely by the future. Think of it this way; if an autobiography is an account of one’s life and how their vision played out, the Letter of Intent is a sort of prelude to the autobiography. If you could write your autobiography in advance, what would it say? The Letter of Intent is meant to showcase your vision for your life, your career and those that you affect.

How Important Is the Letter of Intent to My Application as a Whole?

The Letter of Intent is important for all of the reasons that any application essay is important. The remainder of your application is mostly objective, and can seem cold and unfinished when standing alone. You are so much more than a stack of paper with numbers on it, and the Letter of Intent is your chance to show it. The team at Medical School Personal Statement fully understands all of these things, and they are committed to bringing the best quality that money can buy.

Medical School Persona Statement Writers Can Help!

Now that you understand the importance of the Letter of Intent, make the smart move and seek professional help. Being accepted to college is not about your writing skills and how well you can portray your qualifications on paper. It is about your actual qualifications themselves. Do not let your writing abilities or your nerves get the best of you and keep you from your dream. Let our writing team here at Medical School Personal Statement do what they do best and configure what you already have done into a well-written Letter of Intent. As soon as you order, your essay will find its way to the most qualified writer for your unique job. Each assignment is placed on an individual basis. You will be in contact with your writer all the way through, and they really listen, so there is no chance of miscommunication. So don’t wait! Get started now and order your Letter of Intent from Medical School Personal Statement!