Writing the AMCAS Application Essay

Getting Started

As you start thinking about writing your AMCAS application essay, know that this is one of the most important parts of your application as a whole. Also know that you are writing for a wide range of audiences. You never know who will be reading and judging your AMCAS application essay. They could have any number of specializations and be looking for just about anything in your essay to stand out. For this reason, you must be sure to write your application essay in a way that does not require a certain type of reader.


Despite the high level of personality and individuality each essay must have, you must always remember your reader. If your essay is being read at all, as some never are, that means that something in your application has impressed your application reviewer. For this reason, do not feel the need to repeat any information in your essay that appears in another area of your application. This will cause disinterest in you reader.

Keeping Your Reader’s Attention

Introductions and conclusions are something that you should really give a great deal of thought to as well. These set the first and final impressions of you to the reader. You can go conventional or you can put a twist on it. Finally, always make sure to choose a focus and an angle and stick with it throughout the essay. This will build consistency in your essay and keep your reader interested until the end. You want to leave your reader remembering one key thing about you and your essay.

How Medical School Personal Statement Writers Can Help

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