Writing the Secondary Medical School Personal Statement

By the time you get around to writing your essay for the secondary application, you are mostly likely becoming impatient with all of the writing. But do not be tempted to submit the same personal statement that you wrote for the primary application. Also, do not feel required to write as much as you did for the primary application.

Challenges with Secondary Medical School Personal Statement Writing

This comes as a relief, but it also means that, since there is not as much quantity, there will need to be a great deal of quality. Shorter essays bring with them a bit more difficulty. It is a great challenge to say something of meaning and importance in such a short essay. You must be concise and get right to the point. Be sure to get your reader’s attention immediately and keep it all the way through. Also remember that by this time, your reviewer may be just as tired of personal statements a you are, so keeping them interested is that much more vital.

Although you are not turning in the same essay again, keep it consistent with your primary medical school application personal statement in at least a few ways. Maybe consider sending the same message but approaching it from a new angle. Or use similar tactics in your introduction and conclusion to entice the reader and leave them wanting more. A little mystery is always good.

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