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Med School Personal Statement Examples: Introduction

Med school personal statement examples are ways to help you craft the best medical school personal statements you can by letting you see what others have done. Below, you’ll find a med school personal statement sample that should give you a good idea of what to strive for when you write a med school personal statement of your own.

Med School Personal Statement Sample

Ever since I was a small boy, I’ve been fascinated with light. Light through prisms, light through glass, light through the thick eyeglasses I’ve worn since fifth grade. When I reached high school and learned that light is all the eye perceives – that there is no “color” as such, no “shapes” as such, just light bouncing off surfaces and into my cornea – I knew I’d found my calling.

Ophthalmology is a medical pursuit about vision and helping people get theirs as perfect as it can be. I supported by fascination with high school science projects dedicated to toying with the shapes of spectacle lenses and noting the results, essentially experimenting again with glasses in the same manner it had been done by Ben Franklin all those centuries ago.

My pre-med was dedicated to vision, through the study of not only biology but also physics – after all, light is not in and of itself a product of biology or medicine but a closely-studied part of the physical world. Taken together, my studies have helped me to form a broad picture of how vision works in the world and how I can make it better for people who need it.

Medical School Personal StatementYour personal statement plays a crucial role in the medical school application. Make sure that you grab reader’s attention from the first sentence and keep him interested throughout the whole essay. A catchy fact, unusual experience or an inspirational quote are good openers you can start your medical school personal statement with.

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Med School Personal Statement Examples: Conclusion

As you can see, the previous med school personal statement example is all about tying together why you want to do what you do. Mention your early life, then your school experience and connect the dots. These and other med school personal statement examples should help you get onto the right track when it comes to writing an essay.

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