Things You Should Know about MD Personal Statement

md personal statement helpWhen filling out their application to medical schools, many students become overwhelmed with a large number of forms which must be filled out and submitted. Applying to multiple medical schools is a stressful experience, and it is easy to not put forth maximum effort for each one when there is so much work to be done. If students knew the impact that their personal statement had on the overall success of their application, they would put much more time and effort into it. A medical school personal statement can be the difference between getting into a school and finding out that you must keep looking for other options.

Medical School Admission Requirements

Medical schools set their application requirements, commonly personal statements, CV and transcript of records in order to screen the best applicants that deserve to become a part of their program. To give you an overview of what to submit, check out the following representing the demands of Vanderbilt Medical School. However, completing such application requirements won’t guarantee your acceptance.  Make sure to visit the official link to the school to which you’re applying for additional details, including the timeline for submissions and qualifications/eligibility requirements.

  • Official transcripts of records
  • Letters of recommendations submitted directly from the source, not from the applicant
  • Must have completed a degree in an accredited institution – bachelor’s degree
  • Strong academic background
  • MCAT tests scores
  • International Applicants:   Taking additional science courses are advised for you if you have taken a coursework in a university outside the US, and where English isn’t the instruction language used
  • Letters of evaluation –   through the AMCAS Letter Service; for students not having the Premedical Committee must send three evaluation letters.For students with advanced degrees and a minimum of one year in postgraduate of full- time employment, a recommendation letter from a supervisor is advised.Background check policy for all students conditionally accepted

Prerequisite courses:

  • Biology – must have the understanding of cellular and molecular biology
  • Physics and math or statistics
  • Biochemistry or chemistry – must have competence in the principles of living systems
  •  Social science communication
  • Common requirement: Personal statement

MD Admission Programs Want to Hear Certain Things

Writing the personal statement is a difficult task for several reasons, primarily because of the decision-making process that goes into it. When you sit down to write your medical school personal statement, there is a lot that you must consider yourself before you write a single word. What do I want to say about myself? What do I want them to think about me? Those are questions you must ask yourself when you are filling out the application and get to the personal statement. It is important to know that medical schools do not want students who exhibit certain qualities, and you do not want to accidentally turn off a potential program.

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Students Who Get Professional Assistance Have a Much Greater Chance

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