Timeline for Applying to Medical School

When applying to medical school, timing is everything. Preparation is an important part of any process, but especially this one. Without the proper preparation, your career as a student could be compromised. Below is a tool for you to use when you decide that you are interested in graduate school.

Fall Semester of Your Junior Year in Undergraduate School:

-Check to see if the schools you are interested in require you to take the GRE, or Graduate Record Examinations. If so, enrol in a preparation course that will help you be ready for the test.

-Spend ample time preparing for the test outside of the course that you are enrolled in.

-Ask advice from other students or professionals who have taken the GRE.

March of Your Junior Year:

-Register for your MCAT’s. They will be coming up in April and will sneak up on you before you know it, so be sure that you keep on top of it.

-Be sure to keep up a regular studying regiment. Don’t slack as it gets closer to April.

-Begin to compile a list of medical schools that you wish to apply to. Look at their requirements and make sure that you are aware of everything you will need in order to apply successfully.

April of Your Junior Year:

-It’s April…you know what that means! Time for the MCAT’s! Good luck!

May of Your Junior Year:

-You should find out sometime during this month whether or not you passed the MCAT’s. If necessary, re-enroll for the MCAT’s and continue our studying regiment. I you didn’t pass, you may need to alter the way that you study. Try getting advice from others who have been through it before.

-Begin writing your personal statement and CV, or curriculum vitae.

-Request letters of recommendations.

June and July:

-Compile a final, narrowed down list of the medical schools that you wish to attend.

-Next to each school on your list, not the application deadline.

-Familiarize yourself with the AMCAS, or American Medical College Application Service. Fill out the AMCAS and have it sent to the school of your choice.

-Send in your MCAT scores to the schools that you have applied to through AMCAS.

-Have your transcripts sent to each school.

-If you wish, send your applications for Early Decision Process. The last day for this for all medical schools is August 1st.

-Another round of MCAT’s will be held in August, so enroll if necessary.

August of Your Senior Year of Undergraduate School:

-Continue writing your personal statement as well as any other essays that your schools may require.

-It is now time to begin your secondary applications.

-Take the August MCAT’s if necessary.

September of Your Senior Year:

-Check up on the status of your letters of recommendation. Make the writers aware of any deadlines that you have.

-Have an experienced person read through your personal statement and any other essays that you have written. Make any amendments that they suggest if you feel it necessary.

October of your Senior Year:

-Turn in your secondary applications before the deadline expires.

November through January of Your Senior Year:

-Be sure to thank anyone who gave you a letter of recommendation at this time.

-Interviews will be beginning in November and December, so be sure to prepare. If necessary, sign up for professional interview coaching.

-Start thinking about finances. Fill out the FAFSA.

February through April of Your Senior Year:

-Start looking for letters in the mail from your schools.

-If you are accepted to more than one medical school, evaluate the pros and cons of both. Make an informed decision about which school you will attend.

May through July:

-Get ready for medical school! If necessary, move to the city that your school is located in and begin networking.


-Start attending medical school!

We hope that this medical school timeline was helpful to you on your unique journey! If you need assistance with any of the above writing assignments, such as the personal statement, admissions essay, etc. do not hesitate to ask the staff at Medical School Personal Statement.

Our writers have the skills that it takes to get you accepted! We hope to hear from you soon!